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Southern Islands

Southern Islands at a glanceThe Southern Islands are located in the Trang National Marine Park and include Ko Kradan, Ko Ngai, Ko Maa, Ko Cheuak, Ko Wean, Ko Mook and Hin Nok.

The Southern Islands offer sheltered diving that can be a good alternative if the sea conditions are too choppy to reach Ko Haa.

This group of islands provides some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the area, with the Emerald Cave at Ko Mook offering one of the top snorkelling highlights in the area.

Ko Mook is home to the Emerald Cave or ‘Tham Morakot’ – a secret lagoon hidden inside the island of Ko Mook. The only way in to this amazing location is to swim 85m through an underwater tunnel that opens out into the secret bay with limestone cliffs soaring high above you on all sides.

Ko Kradan is reputed to have some of the prettiest beaches in Thailand and offers some quite different diving to the other sites in our area.

The island of Ko Kradan is far enough off the beaten track to remain fairly ‘untouched’ and the coral and marine life here is in impeccable condition. San Chompuo ‘Pink Ridge’ is a very different dive to the other sites we visit and has many kinds of coral, starfish and seahorses not found at our other sites.

The visibility is quite variable and tends not to be as good as at Ko Haa or Ko Rok, but there is plenty of macro life and all sorts of unusual marine life to discover.

It’s also possible to visit Ko Wean, Ko Chueak, Ko Mook and Ko Ngai as part of the well-known ’4-Island Snorkelling Tour’.



Southern Islands Dive Site Map