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Shark Point

Shark Point at a GlanceShark Point (or Hin Musang) is a group of pinnacle dive sites that lie half-way between Ko Phi Phi and Phuket. These sites have some of the most abundant and colourful soft corals in Thailand and are home to literally thousands of fish and other marine species.

The site is named after the Leopard Sharks that are often seen resting on the sand, although the Thai name comes from a mid-size rodent (somewhere between a Badger and a Squirrel) who’s shape the rocks take.

The, sometimes strong, currents that sweep over the top of these submerged pinnacles bring plenty of food and nutrients, and may be one of the reasons that you can find many types of fish species that are considered rare on other Thai dive sites. In the shallows there are Orange-Spine Unicornfish and you can find many types of shy, juvenile reef fish sheltering among the pink and purple soft corals. If you’re lucky you can find the pair of Tigertail Seahorses who’ve made their home on the main pinnacle.

Huge schools of Big-Eye Travellie, many types of Fusiliers and literally thousands of Barracudas surround the reef and perform wonderful displays of schooling behaviour – an Underwater Videographer’s dream!

These pinnacles literally explode with life; the sheer density of fish and other aquatic life makes diving here a wonderful, magical experience.

We keep group sizes small to ensure you get the most out of each fun dive. This also reduces impact on our reefs. Our emphasis is on safety, fun and personal service within a relaxed and stress-free environment. You will find the atmosphere and service on our dive boats, beyond anything you have experienced before!

Our experienced Divemasters know the dive sites extremely well, and will be happy to discuss what you would like to see, and the type of dive or snorkel experience you would like to have. Each dive is personally planned with the divers in each group, to ensure you enjoy each and every dive you make with us.

A full briefing is provided at each site, with helpful tips on what to look for, safety information, and the most interesting places to visit.