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Hin Muang

Hin Muang Dive Site ‘Purple Rock’ or ‘Purple Mountain’ – Ko Lanta, Thailand. Suitable for Advanced Divers with 20 dives or more.

Hin Muang at a GlanceHin Muang is completely submerged and derives its name from the vast number of purple corals covering the pinnacle. It is also known as a cleaning station for passing Manta Rays who come here to be cleaned and use neighboring dive site Hin Daeng as a navigation point.

The Hin Muang reef is 200 meters long and less than 20 meters wide, and comprises three main pinnacles and several smaller ones. There is a channel in the centre of the reef in which reef fish congregate to escape the currents that sweep along each side of the reef.

Travellies at Ko HaaThe top of the reef starts at 12m. Currents running over the top of the submerged pinnacles are usual, so we use a line for descent, safety stops and ascent.

At Hin Muang and Hin Daeng dive sites, the marine-life seems to be on a larger scale than elsewhere else in the Andaman Sea. Many Giant Morays can be seen amongst the cracks and crevices and large Leopard Sharks are often found lying on the sand in the 40-meter ridges.

Yellow Snappers Hin Muang, Ko Lanta, ThailandIt’s fascinating to watch the huge schools of Yellow Snappers and Fusiliers schooling around the tops of the pinnacles while Rainbow Runners, Jacks and Travellie dart in, hoping for a quick snack. The sheer volume of fish life is an amazing spectacle to witness.

Red-Tooth Trigger Fish flutter prettily amongst the the colourful soft corals, and many types of Anemone fish dance over the top of the highest pinnacles.

Manta Ray at Hin Muang, Ko Lanta, ThailandIt’s here at Hin Muang, that the Manta Ray’s come to be cleaned by cleaner fish, darting about in the currents that sweep over the tops of the pinnacles. Facing in to the current, these graceful giants appear to hover, effortlessly while their obliging cleaners get to work on the parasites that inhabit their tough skin.

Due to the greater depths and currents (especially at Hin Muang), we recommend that these dives are suitable for Advanced Open Water divers or Open Water divers with twenty dives or more.

Whale Shark at Hin Muang, Ko Lanta, ThailandWe keep group sizes small to ensure you get the most out of each fun dive. This also reduces negative diver impact on our reefs.

Our emphasis is on safety, fun and personal service within a relaxed and stress-free environment.

You’ll find the atmosphere and service on our dive boats, beyond anything you have experienced before! Just sit back and relax – let us take care of the details.

Purple Soft Coral at Hin Muang dive site, Ko Lanta, ThailandOur experienced Divemasters know the dive sites extremely well, and will be happy to discuss what you would like to see, and the type of dive or snorkel experience you would like to have. Each dive is personally planned with the divers in each group, to ensure you enjoy each and every dive you make with us.

A full briefing is provided at each site, with helpful tips on what to look for, safety information, and the most interesting places to visit.

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