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Personal Teaching Methods

Personal Teaching Methods – Learn to dive at your own pace with friendly, approachable PADI Instructors


We believe small is best when it comes to diving.
We promise you small groups, unbeatable personal service
and above all, a great time.


We believe small is best when it comes to scuba diving on Lanta, so we promise you small groups or individual tuition if you prefer, learning tailored to your own pace, unbeatable personal service, flexible pool diving times to fit around your holiday plans or family’s needs, and above all, a great time!

Our team of professional PADI Instructors have a combined 25-30 years teaching experience between them! Each instructor has their own particular area of expertise and understands that, learning to dive, can be daunting for a number of individual reasons.


Do any of these worries sound familiar to you?

  • I’m very nervous about learning to dive
  • I have concerns about swimming
  • I’m scared of deep water
  • I’m worried about the marine life I may encounter
  • I’ve tried diving before and had a less-than-enjoyable experience
  • I don’t know if I can equalise
  • I have children with me
  • Our whole family is here
  • I’m a bit older and wonder if I can dive
  • I have a disability and wonder if I could still dive


None of these concerns are insurmountable. In fact, they are quite common concerns and situations in which we are experienced. Our Instructors are understanding and can help you to meet the gentle challenges of diving with a caring and sympathetic approach.

Our aim is to ensure you feel that you can progress at your own pace, can place your trust in your instructor, enabling you to relax, ask questions, and build your confidence, skills and knowledge.

We hope that we are the lucky ones who will have the privilege of sharing your first breathes underwater, and experiencing the amazing underwater world with you. So come and make the most of our personal teaching methods.


The Scubafish Teaching Approach

We teach all of our scuba diving courses in small groups to ensure that you receive the personal attention that you deserve. Each of our courses are designed to be flexible and we personally tailor each course to suit your level and learning pace and style.

PADI diving courses are fun and practical and cover all aspects of diving safely, so by the end of a course, your diving skills and confidence levels will have dramatically improved and we strive to ensure that you will have gained a new sense of wonder and appreciation of the underwater world.

PADI diving courses tend to follow an initially structured format where we cover theory and knowledge development in the classrom (this part can also be completed online before you arrive). We then move into a more practical phase where you put your knowledge into practise in the confined safety of the swimming pool. This stage allows you and your Instructor to explore the pace at which you feel comfortable learning and to pinpoint any areas you would most like to improve. This enables us to create a truly personalised course setting, where your tuition and feedback is geared towards specifically helping you to achieve your diving goals as comfortably and as easily as possible.

We can arrange tailor made courses, with individual one-on-one tuition, to help you to succeed in your diving goals. We offer unlimited pool-training time to all our students to ensure that you feel completely comfortable before going out on the dive boats.



“Thanks for helping me to achieve the unachievable! I honestly didn’t think that I’d ever make even one dive. I’d never have done it without you!”Donna, UK


“I arrived on Lanta a non-snorkelling, deep-ocean, water-fearing individual, but you have totally changed all that! Now, thanks to you, I have my PADI Open Water Diver certification”Jan, Australia


“You were totally awesome at getting me over my previous bad experience”Laurie, USA


“I have gone from a scared snorkeller to a confident diver”Travis, USA


“I never thought I would try diving again but your obvious knowledge and confidence helped me feel comfortable enough to give it another go!”Sharon, UK


“Many thanks for taking away my wife’s fears of the deep blue and bringing her the joys of diving”Martin & Marion, Germany


“I am a 54 year old woman and I was a bit nervous about getting my diver’s certificate but after meeting my instructor, I knew that I’d made the right choice. He was patient and encouraging which kept me focused and motivated and because I felt such complete trust in him. It made the open water dives a blast! Everyone involved at Scubafish is courteous, helpful, fun, and truly want you to have the best experience you can have and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life!”Vicki, USA


“You guided us through challenges and fears, and part of nature, until now hidden for us, opened up”Inger & Roor, Norway


“We would like to thank you for helping our mother to dive again after 25 years!!”Jennie, Leif, Anna, Elin, Barbara & Fredrik, Sweden


“After having no intention of ever diving I ended up taking my Open water and I loved it!! This was genuinely very much down to having such an excellent, calm and collected instructor”Lesley, Australia


“Thanks very much for your help. We were both quite nervous at the beginning but you were patient and helpful throughout. Thanks so much for your encouragement and your patience with me, you were a great teacher and I really appreciate how you helped me to overcome my initial fears.” - Riff & Alex